Workplace Injury

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Chiropractic Care?

It sure does! You can certainly see a chiropractor while you are the beneficiary of workers’ compensation benefits. After all, many workplace injuries require medication, physical therapy, and sometimes even surgery to sustain relief and restore you back to your old self. Chiropractic treatment, like what we provide here at Capitol Hill Chiropractic in Seattle, WA, can be part of the recovery.


You may fear this holistic, systematic pain relief approach isn’t covered by workers’ compensation because it’s an “alternative” treatment. However, chiropractic medicine is recognized as a valid and beneficial option for many injuries, illnesses, and disabilities. As such, workers’ compensation insurance is very likely to cover it, in whole or in part, though there may be a limit on the number of visits allowed.

Workers’ Compensation and Chiropractic Treatment

Here in Washington State, doctors of chiropractic, or DCs, can serve as either concurrent care providers, along with physicians, surgeons, and physical therapists, or they can be the sole attending care provider for those dealing with a workplace injury.

That means any injured employee suffering from musculoskeletal, spinal, or extremity pain caused by occupational conditions can work with a chiropractor and be guaranteed coverage. Like any other treatment covered under Washington workers’ compensation insurance, the care will be evaluated by other medical personnel, and it must be determined to be rehabilitative and possibly curative. 

We assure you that our chiropractic services do just that. Come in and we will evaluate and diagnose your injuries. After coming up with a comprehensive rehabilitative program with your input, we may adjust your spine, assign you home exercises, or apply massage therapy.

As approved workers’ compensation chiropractors, the state also allows us to give impairment ratings for your case. You won’t even need authorization to transfer your care to us or to add us as an additional provider, either.

Medically Necessary Chiropractic Treatment

As long as chiropractic care is proven to be medically necessary, it is bound to be covered. Unfortunately, if there is no marked improvement in your condition as your sessions progress, the workers’ compensation insurance may decline coverage. 

Now, there is an exception. If your injuries are deemed catastrophic, you should not only be eligible for coverage of your chiropractic treatment but you may be entitled to further treatment past the established legal limit.

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