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At Active Health & Wellness Clinic in Victoria, B.C., our team of dedicated health care professionals work to help patients enjoy healthy, active lifestyles. We work hard to understand our patients’ needs and specific biomechanics. We diagnose through modern technology, communication, and understanding. We employ many chiropractic modalities to diagnose and treat a great number of disorders and maladies.

Some Conditions We Treat

Back, Neck, and Nerve Pain

The back is composed of several bones (vertebrae) that are essentially joints. Disruptions in the joints can cause tremendous pain in the back region. If the spine becomes misaligned, pain can be felt throughout the back and neck. Patients come to us for relief of pinched nerves in the neck, stiff neck, and even sudden impact injuries.


Misalignments in the spine are often the cause of headaches. Misaligned vertebrae can compress nerves that lead to headaches.

Repetitive Motion Disorders

Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow are common complaints related to repetitive motion. This is an inflammation of tendons in the affected area. Carpal tunnel occurs in the wrist. The tendons in the wrist become inflamed and mobility is hindered. Tennis elbow and golf elbow are similar, affecting the tendons of the elbow region.

Services We Provide

Chiropractic Adjustments. This is probably the most well-known chiropractic therapy in use today. It’s the manual application of gentle force to a misaligned area of the spine.

Massage Therapy. Massage therapy is designed to work more medically than as a tool for relaxation. Our massage therapists understand that you are either in pain or trying to prevent pain. We work to maintain spinal alignment, or to correct it. We focus on the discs, joints, muscles, and other soft tissue in order to bring relief, remove toxins, and to improve blood flow in the body.

Active Release Techniques (ART). This technique is a non-invasive approach to alleviate pain associated with soft-tissue disorders. It’s similar to spinal adjustments, but is applied to soft tissue of an affected region.

Laser Therapy. We employ the use of BioFlex Laser therapy to help treat patients suffering from joint, soft tissue, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Decompression Therapy. This therapy is safe and effective for treating spinal disorders. Patients are fitted into a harness and their spines are stretched to decompress spinal discs and relieve pressure.

Footmaxx Custom Orthotics. Footmaxx top of the line custom orthotics bring personalized care to patients of all lifestyles, by improving their function, easing pain and helping correct biomechanics 

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