Why Laser Therapy

BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Treatments offer State of the Art Technology to Get Rid of Your Pain.

Our Laser Therapy treatments are a safe, painless, and highly effective way to treat your pain, restore normal cell function and enhance your body's healing process. Low Intensity Laser Therapy is used for both acute & chronic pain. The procedure has a very high success rate, is non toxic, non invasive, easy to apply, has no side effects and is a superior alternative to pain killers. Within a short period of time using the Bioflex Laser Therapy equipment, patients who have been suffering & incapacitated are able to live a more active and healthy life.

BIOFLEX Laser Therapy is the Ultimate in Tissue Healing

Laser Therapy Objectives:

  1. Get rid of pain
  2. Eliminate the need for pain killers
  3. Improve quality of life

Patient Benefits:

  1. Restore normal range of motion
  2. Reduces pain & inflammation
  3. Eliminates use of pharmaceuticals
  4. Enhances the natural healing process
  5. Returns normal range of motion
  6. Reduces healing time
  7. Increased blood flow & nutrients to damaged tissue
  8. Stimulates tissue repair at the cellular level
  9. Breaks down scar tissue from cuts, burns, and post surgical wounds
  10. Increases nerve response allowing numb areas to come back to life
  11. Restores a normal pain free lifestyle
  12. Restores normal sleep patterns
  13. Is cost effective

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