COVID-19 Clinic Info

 COVID-19 Guidelines and Procedures: 

Please DO NOT attend appointments if you are sick or exhibiting any cold or flu like symptoms OR if you have been in contact with or taking care of anyone who is sick or exhibiting flu or cold like symptoms. 

All patients MUST complete a health screening questionnaire the day prior to your appointment. 

As we are a healthcare facility, BOTH patients and practitioners are required to wear a mask for the duration of the appointment. 

Patient Guidelines & Procedures: 

  1. Patients are to wait outside of the clinic and will be allowed access only during their scheduled appointment times. The doors will otherwise be locked. Your practitioner will let you in the clinic at your designated appointment time. 
  2. Patients only will be allowed access to the clinic. With the exception of caregivers and adults accompanying minors, if someone has accompanied you to your appointment they will need to wait outside of the clinic. 
  3. Please do not arrive early (or late) as we will need to strictly keep to our scheduled appointment booking times. Unfortunately, if you arrive late, we will do our best to treat you within the remaining time. We have scheduled time to sanitize in between each person visiting our clinic and we cannot run late with the next patient. 
  4. Upon entering and leaving the clinic, we will require you to sanitize your hands with the provided alcohol based hand sanitizer. 


  5. Patients should limit the number of items brought into the clinic to bare minimums. 
  6. Patients should not touch their face during their appointments. 
  7. If patients need to cough or sneeze at any point, they are to advise the practitioner as soon as possible and direct it into a tissue or their sleeve at the elbow. They will then be required to sanitize again. 
  8. Unless it is an absolute emergency, we ask patients not to use our washroom facilities. Please try to do your business at home before you see us, if possible!
  9. Patients and practitioner will wear a mask during the treatment. Please come to your appointment with a mask. If you do not have one we will provide one to you at our cost. 
  10. In order to minimize risk to staff and respect social distancing, our reception will manage all billing and insurance off site. In doing so we require patients to have a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX) on file for payment. For those that prefer to pay via e-transfer, this will be an option as well. 
  11. After each treatment each practitioner will be cleaning and sanitizing his/her treatment room and all door handles and other items touched during the visit. 
  12. Reception will be calling or emailing patients after appointments to check in and re-book any appointments that your Doctor or therapist has recommended.