Custom Knee Bracing

Who Could Benefit A Custom Brace?

Pre and post-operative:

If you are currently waiting for a knee surgery or if your doctor has talked to you about the possibility of having a repair or replacement surgery in the future; a customized knee brace is a great option to help make the time leading up to your surgery more comfortable and help you to perform your activities of daily living with more confidence. 

Those that struggle with daily pain and limitations due to their knee(s):

If you are dealing with knee pain and aren't able to perform your every day activities due to a knee injury whether it be new or old; a custom knee brace can help take pressure and load off of the knee to prevent further damage and in turn, alleviate your pain. 

Someone who is already receiving treatment but wants some additional support: 

Maybe you are wanting to add onto the rehabilitation  plan you are currently doing. Most practitioners suggest a home exercise program for those struggling with acute and chronic knee pain. A custom knee brace can help you feel more confident in your movements and also to align the knee properly to help the right muscles engage during each exercise. 

What Is The Process To Get A Brace?

Step 1: 

Book a free consultation with our custom bracing technician Megan Chalmers. 

During this consult, I will chat with you about your history, the reason for why you are needing a brace and which options best suit your individual needs. 

If we decide you are a candidate, photos and measurements will be taken of your knee to make the custom brace especially for you. 

Step 2: 

If you are going through your insurance, we will give you a detailed information sheet that outlines the materials of the brace, its purpose andkneebrace

the cost that you can sent to your insurance provider. 

Most insurance companies require a prescription from either your family doctor or orthopaedic surgeon that outlines what type of brace you are needing in order to cover the cost of the brace. 

Fortunately, many companies cover a large percentage of the cost of the brace if not the entire amount per year. 

Step 3: 

Once you hear back from your provider and decide you want to move forward with the order of the brace, a 50% deposit is required to send the order through. 

Once we have received your deposit, your order will then be submitted and you can expect your brace in approximately 7 business days. 

Step 4: 

Once your custom brace arrives, we book a fitting appointment at no extra cost to you. 

During this appointment, Megan will go over how to put the brace on and off, any fitting concerns and go over any other questions you may have.