Massage Therapy Faqs

What Are The Advantages of Massage Therapy For Pain Relief?

Massage Therapy is widely used for promoting relaxation and decreasing stress. A growing body of research now shows that it is also effective for relieving and managing chronic and acute pain without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Clinical research on the efficacy of massage for pain relief shows that massage:

  • promotes relaxation and decreases the perception of pain and anxiety.
  • reduces headaches
  • reduces pain and muscle spasms
  • stimulates the brain to produce endorphins

Massage relieves pain by utilizing a simple and direct strategy; it works from the outer mechanism of pain to the primary or root cause. Massage therapy focuses not only on the site of pain but works on the entire body as a system.

Do I Need a Referral From an MD for Treatment?

No you do not however it may be required for your personal Extended Health Benefits Insurance purposes. It depends on your Extended Health provider, but it is worth looking into if you are submitting in your receipts for reimbursement under your plan.

How are RMTs trained in British Columbia?

  • They must complete a specialized program at an accredited RMT college, which have the highest training standards of all the RMT colleges in North America.
  • They must then pass the BC registration exams set by the college of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC) and must continue with continuing education units to maintain registration.

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