Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is not just for Athletes, it is for anyone wanting to recover from injury quickly and return to their everyday activities. Athletic Therapy involves prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries by utilizing assessment and rehabilitation. Athletic Therapy involves injury assessment, hands on treatment, and exercise rehab to return anyone back to pre injury status. 

An Athletic Therapist is a provincially and nationally governed member of the Athletic Therapy Association of British Columbia (ATABC) and Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA). Through successful completion of an accredited 4 year degree program with over 1200hrs of field/clinical hours, and a comprehensive written and oral/practical exam, he/she has earned the designation of Athletic Therapist or CAT(c). For more information visit:

What Do Athletic Therapists Treat?

The following is a list of some of the conditions and issues commonly treated by Athletic Therapists: 


  • Muscle Strains or Joint Sprains
  • Bursitis, Tendonitis and Tendinosis
  • Sports Related Injuries and Prevention
  • Muscle/Mechanical Imbalances
  • Pre or Post Surgical Rehab
  • Overuse or Work Related Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Related Injuries (ICBC)
  • Back and Neck Aches and Pains
  • Mechanical/Muscle Imbalance Induced Syndromes

What does and Athletic Therapy treatment consist of? 

Treatment may include a variety of techniques. Athletic Therapists will take a thorough history and assessment of the patient which may

include gait assessment and various musculoskeletal tests. The hands on treatment may include trigger point release, massage techniques, stretching, modalities such as Interferential Current (IFC), heat, and or/ice. A main component of treatment will involve a home exercise program to have the patient be able to continue the recovery process at home. 

Initially the Athletic Therapist may see the patient 1-2 times per week in the early stages of injury but as the patient gains back strength and mobility, the patient can do a lot of the care at home. In the later stages of treatment the patient may see the Athletic Therapist 1-2 times every two weeks. 

What Insurance Providers offer coverage for Athletic Therapy? Please check your individual plan to check if you are covered. 

  • All Sport
  • Great West Life
  • Greenshield
  • Empire

**we do not bill directly to insurance providers, patients will need to submit claim to provider for reimbursement**

Is Athletic Therapy Right for You? Take This Quiz:

  1. Do you suffer from any physical limitations with mobility, flexibility or strength?
  2. Do any of these limitations result in stiffness, weakness or pain?
  3. Do these limitations prevent you from being active and doing the things you love?
  4. Do you suffer from any work or repetitive strain related injuries?
  5. Are you looking to become stronger or more mechanically efficient?
  6. Do you suffer from aches/pains as a result of a motor vehicle accident?
  7. Are you looking for a preventative exercise rehabilitation program?
  8. Are you looking to do pre/re-habilitation for an upcoming or past orthopaedic surgery?
  9. Do you have a nagging injury that just won't go away though traditional therapy?
  10. Are you in need of supportive, or preventative taping?

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