What Is Motion Rehab

Movement is Life.....Life Is Motion!

When it comes to excelling at the game of life and doing what you want to be doing pain free two of the most important things to consider are Motion and Function. If your body has proper motion, is balanced and functioning optimally then you will be able to Move Better, Perform Stronger and Recover Faster.

At Active Health & Wellness Clinic not only is it important to us to get you out of pain but we also want to make sure we are correcting and stabilizing any injured areas and giving you the framework to obtain optimal function. Motion Rehab was created to provide our patients with the ability to have access to the best Functional Testing and Exercise Rehab programs. Through many years of combined experience we put together this program. However, we still felt we could improve on this and give our patients access to something even better. As a result we partnered up with an elite Sports Science company called Fusionetics. We went through their training programs and licensed their software and now can provide our patients with the exact same testing and exercise rehab and performance programs as several teams in the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS and athletes in the PGA, UFC and several other collegiate level teams.

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