The Science Behind Deep Tissue Massage and Its Effects on the Body

Have you been feeling extra tense lately? If so, consider giving deep tissue massage a try.

Deep tissue massage has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to help alleviate stress and support the circulatory system. But why is it so effective?.. And how does it really work?

Today, let's take a look at the science behind deep tissue massage and its effects on the body.

First off, deep tissue massage targets and releases tension within the muscles through pressure. The Massage Therapist applies intense pressure to the affected area, breaking up and releasing the lactic acid stored within the muscle fibers. This breaks up clumped tissues in and around the muscles, thus alleviating pain and tension.

Research has shown that deep tissue massage can reduce inflammation in the body. During a deep tissue massage, your body increases production of chemicals called cytokines, which are responsible for helping reduce swelling and inflammation. Studies have found that the amount of inflammation-reducing cytokines produced after a deep tissue massage is approximately 3 times higher than the amount produced during a light massage.

Additionally, deep tissue massage can improve blood flow in the body. Increased blood circulation supports the circulatory system by bringing in more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This helps to reduce fatigue, allowing your body to become stronger over time. Furthermore, improved circulation can also aid in releasing excess waste, toxins and pollutants trapped within muscle fibers.

Finally, deep tissue massage encourages relaxation by calming the nervous system. When we are tense, our nervous system goes into a “flight or fight” mode, causing us to become easily agitated, resulting in higher blood pressure and heart rate. Through specific manipulation techniques, a deep tissue massage can slow down the body’s breathing to a rate that’s more conducive to relaxation.

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